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Yarrah Cat Canned Pate Fish 400 GR (12 pieces)

Yarrah Cat Canned Pate Fish 400 GR (12 pieces)

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Pate with fish for the cat is a tasty pate made from chicken, beef and sea fish. It is an easily digestible cat meal with a balanced package of vitamins and minerals. Pâté with fish is a complete meal, so you don't need to add anything extra. Due to the lack of harmful substances, which can cause skin problems, allergic reactions and bad stools, your cat will be healthy and lively. Spirulina has been added. Spirulina cleanses the body of toxins and waste and also has a restorative and constructive effect. This gives your cat more energy and feels fitter. Spirulina also ensures that the body is more resistant to fatigue and stress. Thanks to Yarrah Organic Pet Food, your cat has a healthy coat, strong teeth and nails and strong, flexible muscles.

Pate with fish for cats is a complete pet food.

Composition :
47% meat* and animal by-products* (chicken, beef, pork), fish and fish by-products (5% MSC¹ herring), vegetables (peas)*, vegetable by-products*, minerals and algae* (0.6% of dried seaweed* , 0.1% of dried spirulina*).

* = organic

Nutritional additives Taurine 190mg, vitamin E 10mg, vitamin D3 110IU, zinc 2.9mg, manganese 1.2mg, iodine 0.4mg.

Analytical constituents: Moisture 81%, crude protein 9%, crude fat 5%, crude ash 2%, crude fiber 0.6%.

Feeding advice: 2.5-4kg - 190-270g | 4-5kg - 270-330g | 5-6kg - 330-380g

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