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Yarrah Cat Adult Grain Free Chicken/Fish 2.4 KG

Yarrah Cat Adult Grain Free Chicken/Fish 2.4 KG

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Yarrah Cat Adult Grain Free Chicken/Fish 2.4 kg
Yarrah Cat Adult Grain-free Chicken/Fish 2.4 kg is a complete cat food, organic, animal-free and sustainable, without chemical additives and in recyclable packaging.
The best for your animal and the environment with Yarrah! Yarrah has been improved and is now even tastier, healthier and more sustainable. Yarrah's food is high-quality and completely organic food for dogs and cats, rich in pure ingredients and pre-analyzed raw materials. This combination provides truly organic ingredients that have a positive effect on the coat, energy, bowel movements and skin. Yarrah does not use chemical colors, fragrances and flavors and is made without pesticides and preservatives. And Yarrah is now even more sustainable, because Yarrah's packaging has recently been made from 100% recyclable mono-plastic!

This tasty, complete cat food is formulated with organic chicken and MSC herring. The chicken meat used comes from free-range chickens that have eaten purely organically, for the best, tastiest and most responsible quality meat! The chicken makes the food highly digestible and herring is rich in omega-3 and -6 fatty acids, which have an anti-inflammatory effect on the coat and skin and keep the muscles flexible. The organic peas provide sufficient fiber and organic nettle helps to keep the kidneys and urinary tract healthy. Because the food is grain-free, it is also suitable for sensitive cats. The higher protein and fat content also makes the food suitable for active cats.
The food is suitable for adult cats and from 6 weeks and older.

- Complete food for the cat
- Completely organic, from purely organic ingredients
- With free-range chicken for easy digestibility and MSC herring for a healthy skin and coat
- With organic vegetables and herbs
- Without artificial additives
- Grain free!

Composition: 26% dried chicken*, green peas*, yellow peas*, tapioca*, chicken fat*, sunflower seed expeller*, 4% dried wild MSC¹ herring, minerals, brewer's yeast, dried seaweed* and dried nettle*.

* = organic
¹From an MSC certified sustainable fishery

Analytical constituents: crude protein 32%, crude fiber 5%, crude fat 13.5%, crude ash 8%, moisture 8%, carbohydrates 33.5%, calcium 1.7%, phosphorus 1.1%, sodium 0, 4% magnesium 0.15, salt 1%

Content: 2.4 kg
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