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Trixie Slow Feeding Bowl Ceramic White 18 CM 250 ML

Trixie Slow Feeding Bowl Ceramic White 18 CM 250 ML

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Trixie Bowl Slow Feed Ceramic White 18 cm 250 ml
This Trixie Slow Feed Ceramic White Bowl with a diameter of 18 cm and a 250 ml capacity prevents gobbling while eating.
Does your dog gobble up his food at every meal? Does this have an adverse effect on his bowel function? This slow feeder from Trixie is the solution. This ceramic food bowl has studs on the inside, around which the dog has to eat. As a result, it takes him or her more effort and time to eat the food, which benefits the dog's intestinal function! The feeder is made of sturdy ceramic and has a smooth finish, making it suitable for all types of food. The feeder is also easy to clean and dishwasher safe.
- Slow feeder from Trixie
- The dog has to eat around the protrusions in the bottom and therefore eats more slowly

- Prevents gobbling, for a better bowel function
- Made of ceramic
- Suitable for both wet food and dry food due to the smooth finish
- Dishwasher safe

Content: 250 ml
Size: 18 cm
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