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Trixie Plush Mice Assorted

Trixie Plush Mice Assorted

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Trixie Plush Mice 5 cm 24 pcs
The Trixie Plush Mice of 5 cm per 24 pieces is a set of play mice for the cat, the ideal cat toy made of plush with catnip, supplied in a handy blister. Super fun as a checkout bargain or for large consumers! These plush mice come in 24 pieces in a display that you can hang up. The mice are made of plush and have a rope tail. Ideal for tapping, throwing and playing and chasing. The mice are provided with catnip to be even more interesting for your cat and come in a mix of various colors, such as white, gray and black.

- Nice plush toy mice from Trixie
- With nice tail of rope
- Delivered per 24 pieces in a blister that can be hung
- Mice with catnip, for more attractiveness to the cat
- In a mix of various colours
- The ideal box office bargain or gift for the heavy consumer!

Size per mouse: 5 cm
Contents: 24 pieces
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