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Trixie Scratching Board Sisal Natural

Trixie Scratching Board Sisal Natural

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Trixie Scratching Board Sisal Natural 56 x 11 cm
This handy, compact scratching board Trixie Scratching Board Sisal natural of 60 x 11 cm is ideal for hanging or laying down and saving your wallpaper.
This scratching board is ideal for people who want to try to prevent their cat from scratching the walls or wallpaper. The scratching board consists of a wooden board covered with sisal carpet. The sisal makes it very attractive for your cat to scratch the board and sharpen its nails. By placing or hanging enough of these scratching boards, you can prevent your cat from sharpening its nails on the couch, curtains, wallpaper or other furniture. You can put the shelf down or hang it up.

- Handy, compact scratching board
- To lay down or hang up
- With sisal carpet to sharpen the nails

Dimensions: 56 x 11 cm

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