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Trixie Scratching Post Xxl Humberto Cream / Dark Brown 68X68X174 CM

Trixie Scratching Post Xxl Humberto Cream / Dark Brown 68X68X174 CM

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Trixie Humberto XXL Scratching Post Cream / Dark Brown 174 cm
The 174 cm Trixie Scratching Post Humberto XXL Cream / Dark Brown is an extra sturdy scratching post, particularly suitable for large cats, with shelter, sleeping bags and hammock. This scratching post is compact, yet sturdy and offers many different places to lounge and sleep, making it perfect for larger cat breeds such as forest cats and Maine Coons. The Humberto scratching post has a very thick, solid bottom plate that provides a lot of strength and thick sisal trunks with a diameter of 12 cm. Halfway through, the cats can retreat to a shelter with plush inside, equipped with a manoeuvrable cushion. The cats can also relax in the two sturdy, padded relaxation sleeping bags and a hammock. Your cat can oversee the entire space from the top lying area. You can also play with the rope at the bottom of the shelter. Made in cream color with dark brown.

- Extra sturdy scratching post for cats
- Particularly suitable for large breeds due to the solid, sturdy bottom plate
- With shelter equipped with a manoeuvrable cushion
- Detachable hammock
- With two sturdy relax sleeping bags
- Crab trunks of 12 cm diameter wrapped with sisal

Height: 174 cm
Ground area: 68 x 68 cm
Stem: 12 cm in diameter
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