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Trixie Scratching Post Nayra Beige 40X40X83 CM

Trixie Scratching Post Nayra Beige 40X40X83 CM

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Trixie Nayra Scratching Post Beige 83 cm
Trixie Scratching Post Nayra Beige of 83 cm is a compact but extensive scratching furniture for the cat, with shelter, basket and scratching posts made of jute. Scratching is a natural need for your cat: it helps your four-legged friend maintain his nails and mark his territory. To prevent your cat from scratching the furniture, it is important to have good scratching posts at home, such as this Nayra from Trixie. This scratching post is compact with a base area of ​​only 40 x 40 cm, but still contains everything your cat needs. The piece of furniture has two scratching trunks covered with jute and is equipped with two baskets. One of these is placed on top of the scratching post for a good overview, the other on a safe, comfortable hiding place where your cat can laze undisturbed. The soft plush gives the scratching post a chic look and provides a lot of comfort for the cat. With play ball for the playful hours!

- Extensive scratching post from Trixie for the (small) cat
- Compact, with a base plate of only 40 x 40 cm
- Still equipped with a shelter and two baskets
- With two crab trunks with jute
- Equipped with a play ball

Dimensions: 40 x 40 x 83 cm
Trunk diameter: 9 cm

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