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Sivocat Blue Signal 8 LTR

Sivocat Blue Signal 8 LTR

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Sivocat Blue Signal 8 ltr
SiVocat Blue Signal 8 liters is a clumping baking soda cat litter that changes color on contact with moisture. Cleaning the litter box has never been so easy! SivoCat is composed of baking soda and a food-safe blue dye. Not only does this make the grit very absorbent and a natural odor neutralizer, but the grit also turns blue when it comes into contact with moisture. This makes it extra easy to discover and scoop out dirty spots. In addition, Blue Signal is enriched with Aromaguard, an active substance that, in addition to a pleasant smell, ensures that bacterial growth and odors are inhibited. Does not dust and therefore pleasant for humans and animals!

- High quality clumping cat litter
- When in contact with moisture, the stones turn blue, making scooping even easier
- Ensures that bacterial growth and odors are inhibited
- Don't dust

Content: 8 litres
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