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Petsafe Zip

Petsafe Zip

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Petsafe Zip
The Petsafe Zip s cat toy with a safe laser beam that creates challenging patterns for 10 minutes to keep the cat moving. Your cat will stay busy and active with these fun toys from Petsafe! The Zip is equipped with a laser beam that makes interesting movements, allowing your cat to hunt it to its heart's content. Ideal for active cats, but also for cats that could use some exercise! Put the toy down, switch it on and enjoy the crazy antics your cat will do to get the laser. The laser is equipped with a saving function that automatically switches off the toy after ten minutes. This saves batteries and prevents overstimulation from playing too long. Easy to use with three AA batteries (not included).

- Automatic cat toy with moving laser beam
- Laser makes interesting patterns to chase
- Turns off automatically after 10 minutes
- Operates on 3 AA batteries (not included)

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