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Petsafe Laser Tail

Petsafe Laser Tail

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Petsafe Laser Tail
The Petsafe Laser Tail is an automatic, moving cat toy with a safe laser, ideal for keeping the cat active and with a shutdown function to prevent overstimulation. Do you have an active cat, or a cat that could use some exercise? Then try this fun Laser Tail from Petsafe! This fun cat toy automatically moves through space, with the laser following behind the toy like a kind of tail. The laser creates interesting patterns on the ground to encourage your cat to hunt and keep it interested. The toy turns itself off after ten minutes of play to prevent the cat from being overstimulated and simply runs on three AA batteries (not included). The laser has a special output to be safe for your cat!

- Electronic cat toys
- Moves through space on its own
- With laser tail that draws interesting figures on the floor
- Turns off automatically after ten minutes
- Operates on 3 AA batteries (not included)

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