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Petsafe Bolt

Petsafe Bolt

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Petsafe Bolt
The Petsafe Bolt is an interactive cat toy, a battery-powered moving laser completely safe for the cat, which automatically switches off after 15 minutes. Ideal for active cats, but also cats that can move a little more! This fun laser toy from Petsafe is irresistible for your cat. This toy features a safe laser beam that moves across the ground in interesting patterns. By adjusting the mirror, you can determine which surfaces the laser moves over. The toy is equipped with a timer that turns it off automatically after fifteen minutes, to give the cat some rest and to save batteries. The toy works on 3 AA batteries (not included).

- Interactive, automatic cat toy from Petasfe
- Safe laser that moves automatically in interesting patterns
- Set the laser contact area
- Automatically switches off after fifteen minutes
- Works on batteries (not included)

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