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Natural Trainer Cat Sterilized Codfish Pouch 12X85 GR

Natural Trainer Cat Sterilized Codfish Pouch 12X85 GR

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Natural Trainer Cat Mature Codfish Pouch 12 x 85 gr
Natural Trainer Cat Mature Codfish 12 x 85 gr is a complementary wet food for adult sterilized cats with cod, peas and cranberry in gravy for a healthy urinary tract and bladder.

Nature meets science! That is the motto of Natural Trainer's high-quality food. Natural Trainer's nutrition uses the natural power of proteins, vegetables, fruits and plants based on scientific research. This tasty wet food is therefore prepared with cod and cranberry extract for a healthy urinary tract. Many cats suffer from bladder problems and cranberry protects against this, because the extract prevents certain bacteria from settling in the urinary tract. This wet food consists of tasty pieces in gravy and is rich in moisture, which is ideal because cats often drink too little. This food is also enriched with pea fibre, as a lean source of vegetable proteins for a healthy weight.

- High quality wet food for adult sterilized cats
- With the power of natural ingredients based on scientific research
- With delicious cod
- Cranberry extract ensures healthy urinary tract
- With pea fiber for a healthy weight
- So rich in moisture in gravy

Composition: poultry (fresh 4%), pork (fresh 4%), fish (cod 4%), maize starch, beef, pea fiber* 1%, minerals, potato starch, dextrose, dried cranberry extract* 0.01%. , *Specific ingredients of natural origin

Analytical constituents: moisture 82.5%, crude protein 9.5%, crude fat 3%, crude fiber 0.8%, crude ash 2%.,

Nutritional additives: vitamin D3 161 IU, vitamin E 32 mg, taurine 233 mg, DL-methionine 237 mg, copper (II) sulfate pentahydrate 2.47 mg (copper 0.61 mg), potassium iodide 0.24 mg (iodine 0.16 mg), manganese sulfate monohydrate 5.95 mg (manganese 1.9 mg), zinc sulfate monohydrate 43.89 mg (zinc 16.11 mg).

Contents: 12 x 85 gr

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