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Milbemax Cat 2-8 KG 2 TBL

Milbemax Cat 2-8 KG 2 TBL

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Milbemax Cat 2-8kg 2tbl
Milbemax is an oral tablet and its purpose is to deworm the cat. The product is effective against parasitic worms for the treatment of mixed infections with roundworms, hookworms and tapeworms and for the prevention of heartworm disease in cats.

European research has shown that most veterinarians and veterinary assistants prefer Milbemax for deworming their own cats.

Advantages of Milbemax:
- small tablet that is very well accepted - because of its ease of use, the tablet has been awarded a Feline Advisory Bureau Easy to Give Award. 84% of cats can be treated with one tasty, beef flavored Milbemax film-coated tablet 2
- highly effective treatment - with a rapid and direct effect in the gastrointestinal tract 3. Milbemax ensures effective removal of the worm burden in infected cats. It is effective against immature and adult tapeworms and roundworms
- precise treatment - because Milbemax is an oral treatment, the correct dose goes directly into the intestinal tract. This makes it an effective, mess-free solution for owners and pets
- a good safety profile - Milbemax can be given to kittens from 6 weeks old and/or 0.5 kg, and is suitable for pregnant and lactating cats. There is no need to isolate your cat from other pets during and after treatment and you can rest assured that contact with yourself and your family after treatment with Milbemax is safe

Contents: 2 tablets

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