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Unbranded 66 Days Cotton Light Cat Litter 14 LTR

Unbranded 66 Days Cotton Light Cat Litter 14 LTR

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66 Days Cotton Light Cat Litter

66Days cat litter lasts no less than 66 days. It is a clumping cat litter with minerals and is 40% lighter than normal bentonite cat litter. Not heavy to lift, minimal waste and, thanks to the fine grains, very soft on the paws!

All advantages at a glance:
- super light
- extremely economical to use
- absorbs well and efficiently
- excellent clumping: easy to clean
- extra fine granules: ideal for sensitive cat paws
- particularly low in dust
- optimal and fast odor neutralization

- with a pleasant cotton touch for wonderful freshness
- eco-friendly production using solar energy

Instructions for use: fill the litter box to a base level of approx. 8-10 cm with 66Days cat litter. Remove clumps and faeces daily with a scoop. Refill the litter box with 66Days cat litter.

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