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Matatabi sticks 4pcs.

Matatabi sticks 4pcs.

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Let your cat 'chill out' with a matatabi stick
Matatabi may be less known than other cat herbs, but certainly not less loved by domestic tigers! A cat can chew on a matatabi stick (good for its teeth) and thanks to the fabrics in this plant-based snack, it is wonderfully relaxed. A bit the equivalent of the licorice sticks that you undoubtedly once had as a child. A matatabi stick is not really suitable for human consumption, but your pet tiger will certainly enjoy it! And the relaxing effect makes these sticks a perfect snack for nervous or anxious cats.
The irresistible smell of matatabi
Matatabi is also known as Japanese catnip or silvervine. The sticks come from the dried twigs of a climbing plant from the kiwi family, Actinidia polygama. Those kiwis can be stolen from cats, but the dried twigs, on the other hand, are very interesting! Matatabi sticks contain, among other things, actinidin and some unique, natural substances that make every cat's nose go wild. Over time, the smell will become less strong and the cat may ignore his matatabi stick. Just hold it under the tap and this 100% natural snack is (except for the gnawing marks) as good as new!

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