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Mansonil Cat All Worm Tablets

Mansonil Cat All Worm Tablets

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Deworming your cat is important. Worms are an invisible pest and can cause damage to your pet. Worms only show themselves when the animal is seriously infected. Worms are also transmissible to humans. Frequent deworming is therefore necessary for the health of humans and animals. Also because re-infestation with worms is so common, frequent deworming is important.

Mansonil All Worm is an agent that kills a very broad spectrum of worms. Mansonil All Worm kills roundworms and tapeworms. This is important because we cannot see with our naked eye which worm the pet is actually infected with. There are many different worms. The treatments with Mansonil All Worm are one-off. So you do not have to administer it again after, for example, a week.

When to use
For the treatment of mixed roundworm and tapeworm infestations in cats.

Method of administration
Oral administration. The tablets can be administered as such or in a meatball. They can also be crushed and mixed with food. Dietary measures are not necessary.

1 tablet per 4 kg of body weight.
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