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Lickimat Buddy Cat Turquoise 20 CM

Lickimat Buddy Cat Turquoise 20 CM

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Lickimat Buddy Cat Turquoise Orange 20 cm
The 20 cm Lickimat Buddy Cat Turquoise is a cat toy to prevent boredom, to rub in with a soft reward and to freeze in the summer. Recommended by veterinarians and behavior experts worldwide! The Likimat is a rubber mat with a recessed structure, over which you spread your animal's favorite soft reward. This can be, for example, a soft snack or pâté. The cat spends a long time licking its treat from between the structure, which is a natural, calming activity for the animal and provides long-lasting entertainment, preventing boredom. Ideal for keeping your animal busy in a fun, tasty way! In the summer you can freeze the mat with filling for even longer, cooling and refreshing fun.

- Dog toys that prevent boredom
- Mat with structure, to smear your dog's favorite snack
- The cat licks its treat from the mat, this prevents boredom for a longer period of time
- Freeze in the summer for a refreshing treat

Dimensions: 20 x 20 cm
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