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Krka Amflee Spot On Cat 50 MG 3 PIP

Krka Amflee Spot On Cat 50 MG 3 PIP

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Amflee Spot On Cat 3 pip
Amflee Spot On Cat in 3 pipettes are flea drops based on fipronil, which protect your cat against fleas, ticks and lice. With these handy spot-on pipettes, your animal is easily protected against vermin! Amflee protects the cat against ticks for two weeks and against fleas for four weeks. It can also be administered in case of an infestation with biting lice. The pipette is user-friendly and resealable, so you can easily prevent or control a flea infestation in your dog! Amflee Combo Spot On is suitable for cats from two months and/or weighing more than 1 kg.

- Anti-flea drops for cats from two months and/or 1 kg
- Based on fipronil
- Protects against fleas (4 weeks), ticks (2 weeks) and biting lice
- In handy, resealable spot-on pipette

Contents: 3 pipettes
Suitable for the cat
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