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Kong Pursuit Whirlwind 8.5X8.5X25.5 CM

Kong Pursuit Whirlwind 8.5X8.5X25.5 CM

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KONG Pursuit Whirlwind 8.5x25.5 cm
The KONG Purrsuit Whirlwind 8.5x25.5 cm is a fun moving cat toy with a tail that will stimulate your cat's hunting instinct. Your cat can play alone for hours with this challenging toy from KONG! The ball is battery operated and has a long tail: the tail constantly moves back and forth as the ball rolls around the house, challenging your cat to play. The unpredictable movements of the Purrsuit Whirlwind stimulate the cat's hunting instinct, allowing your animal to play alone and not get bored. The toy is made so that it does not get stuck in corners and saves batteries by turning itself off after fifteen minutes. For use on hard floor surfaces.

- Moving cat toy from KONG
- The ball rolls around the house, while the tail moves in unpredictable ways
- Suitable for playing alone
- Automatically stops after 15 minutes to save batteries
- Batteries included

Dimensions: 25.5 x 8.5 cm

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