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Kong Pull-A-Partz Yarnz Assorted 11.5X7.5X4.5 CM

Kong Pull-A-Partz Yarnz Assorted 11.5X7.5X4.5 CM

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Kong Pull-A-Partz Yarnz Assorted
The KONG Pull-A-Partz Yarnz Assorted cat toy consists of three toys in one for the cat, a string of wool, play mouse and wrap, with rustling paper and catnip. KONG's Pull-A-Partz toys are very popular among cats and their owners! Cats naturally like to catch and dig things out. This fun toy therefore contains three parts in one! A string of wool and a toy mouse are hidden in the wrapper, which your cat will love to disassemble. The bundle of extra thick and soft wool is non-detachable and fun to toss and toss, and the mouse is infused with catnip for added appeal. The wrapper is also provided with catnip and rustling paper.
Please note: comes assorted in various colours, no color choice possible online!

- Cat toys from KONG
- Three toys in one
- The cat can follow its natural instincts to its heart's content to disassemble this toy
- Mouse provided with catnip
- Wrap with catnip and rustling paper

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