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Kong Play Spaces Cloud Turquoise 61X1.5X44 CM

Kong Play Spaces Cloud Turquoise 61X1.5X44 CM

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Kong Play Spaces Cloud Turquoise 61 x 44 cm
The 61 x 44 cm KONG Play Space Cloud Turquoise is a comfortable lying mat for the cat, with plush, rustling paper and catnip. This mat is the perfect rest and play mat for your cat! This fun mat in the shape of a cloud is made with one side of nice and soft plush, and one quilt side. Great to sleep on, but because the mat is lined with rustling paper, it is also perfect to play on. The addition of catnip also makes it extra attractive to your cat.

- Play and sleeping mat for the cat
- In the form of a cloud
- One side plush, one side quilt style
- Lined with rustling paper
- With catnip for more attractiveness

Dimensions: 61 x 44 cm
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