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Kong Kickeroo Cuddler Assorted 40.5X9.5X5CM

Kong Kickeroo Cuddler Assorted 40.5X9.5X5CM

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Kong Kickeroo Cuddler Assorted
Have your cat wrestle with Kong's Kickeroo. Because the bag of the Kickeroo is filled with catnip, it will not let go.

Watch your cat attack, wrestle and cuddle with his Kong Kickeroo. This unique cat toy stimulates the cat's instinctive urge to stalk and catch its prey. The size, shape and material of the Kickeroo have been specially selected to encourage wrestling and hind leg kicking. The fluffy tail moves easily for extra excitement, not to mention the generous amount of Kong's strong North American catnip inside to encourage even more play.

Encourages wrestling and other active fun
Rattle sound and strong catnip encourage play
Soft, cuddly fabric

Color: purple, red and blue (unfortunately no color choice possible)
Dimensions: 4x7.5x33 cm
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