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Cat Feathers "Sniffer Pack"

Cat Feathers "Sniffer Pack"

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Introduce your cat to the original cat feathers!
Your house tiger has probably already heard it from other cat animals: Cat feathers are the nicest cat toys you can find! Let your cat get acquainted with our original cat feathers with this nice sniffing package. In the package you will find three different sizes of springs: small, large and JUMBO. Some cats prefer the small feathers because of their speed. Other cats prefer the larger specimens. They take the Cat Feathers like prey in their mouth, or chase after them when the feathers are shot across the room. But from kitten to senior and all ages in between, every cat will have fun with these fun cat toys!
A sturdy cat toy for hours of fun!
The Cat Feather is the toy that started it all for this webshop and we are very proud that since then so many cats enjoy these sturdy springs. Because they are sturdy! Our original Cat Feathers are therefore specially designed to withstand the wildest play parties. Which does not mean that they are indestructible. Check your cat's toys regularly and replace them if necessary. Cat feathers are available in a sniffer package with three different sizes, but if your cat clearly has a favorite size, you can also order a bag with one size.
Cats love cat feathers
When your cat is bursting with energy, play is a good way to blow off a little steam. Cat feathers are the perfect toy for high-energy cats, because they love chasing these movable springs. But even the more relaxed house tigers get excited about these brightly colored cat toys, even if it's just to hold them in their arms during a nap. Those colors also ensure that your cat can easily find his toys and store them away until the next play session. It will certainly come, because cats can't get enough of Cat Feathers!
Material: Plastic

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