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Cat Feathers "Small"

Cat Feathers "Small"

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Little Cat Feathers are the perfect 'prey' for kittens!
Cat feathers, the favorite toy of many cats, are available in three different sizes: small, large and Jumbo! There is a perfect cat feather for every age and for every breed! Our small cat feathers are very popular with kittens and small house tigers. Because they are lightweight, they are super mobile and easy to carry as prey in their mouth. Because after all that hunting you want to proudly parade through the room with your catch! A bag contains ten small Cat Feathers in mixed, cheerful colours. Besides looking nice, the colors also make it easy to find the Cat Feathers to store them until the next play session.
A sturdy cat toy for hours of fun
Kittens and playful cats are always completely absorbed in their game and sometimes want to destroy some furniture in their enthusiasm. And many cat toys are also not resistant to their sharp nails and teeth. That makes small Cat Feathers the perfect toy for kittens, because they are specially designed for their sturdiness. Our plastic springs are really hard to break, but we do recommend that you stay with them when your cat is playing with them and regularly check their toys for wear. This way your (mini) domestic tiger can enjoy its cat toys for a long time!
Material: plastic.

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