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Cat feathers "Jumbo"

Cat feathers "Jumbo"

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Your cat will never be bored with our JUMBO Cat Feathers!
Cat feathers are mobile, colorful springs that every house tiger chases with great enthusiasm. In addition to a small and large version, we also have a JUMBO variant. Original JUMBO cat feathers are 8.5 centimeters long and a stroke wider than the other types. There are 10 pieces in mixed colors in a bag. If you don't know what size Cat Feather will warm your cat animal, just order the Cat Feather Sniffing Package! Which cat doesn't think it's too crazy to test Cat Feathers for an afternoon?
Cat feathers get every cat moving
Even if your furry roommate still likes to lie in his basket, his hunting instinct gets the upper hand as soon as he sees the Cat Feathers JUMBO. These springs made of sturdy plastic start to move at the slightest touch. A beautiful prey, which, thanks to its light weight, is also easy to carry in its mouth. Your cat can play with it under your watchful eye, or join in and shoot the JUMBO Cat Feathers across the room. Thanks to the striking colours, you won't easily lose the springs. Although Cat Feathers are very sturdy cat toys, some wear and tear can occur over time. Therefore, regularly check the cat's toys and replace them if necessary.
Material: Plastic

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