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Cat feathers "Large"

Cat feathers "Large"

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Is your cat ready for our large Cat Feathers?
All our original Cat Feathers, from small to JUMBO, are loved toys by many house tigers. As a kitten, your cat may have already been introduced to the small version of these springs and now that he has grown into an adult house tiger, he is completely ready for our large Cat Feathers! These are 12 centimeters long and made of sturdy plastic. Large Cat Feathers can therefore take a beating, but if one breaks after playing for a long time, replace it with a new one. A big bag of Cat Feathers contains ten of these cheerfully colored springs, so the cat can go on for a while with these cat toys!
Make sure your home tiger can lose its energy
Indoor cats in particular get their daily portion of exercise through play. But also cats that are allowed / can go outside sometimes prefer to doze in the sun than to take a walk through the neighborhood. In short, play is important for both the physical and mental health of cats. Large Cat Feathers appeal to your pet tiger's hunting instinct. Even though they don't bear much resemblance to a mouse or bird, the movement of these brightly colored springs still makes the cat want to run after them. Cat feathers are lightweight and easy to carry in a cat's mouth as 'prey'. And as soon as your house tiger touches the feather with its paw, it moves in another direction. Large Cat Feathers are good for hours of fun!
Material: Plastic.

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