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Jw Cataction Rattle Ball

Jw Cataction Rattle Ball

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JW Cataction Rattle Ball
The JW Cataction Rattle Ball cat toy is a ball with a rubber exterior and a glittering and rattling interior. The perfect combination that will make every cat enthusiastic! The rubber exterior of this ball ensures that it is gentle on the cat's teeth and bounces off hard surfaces for more of a challenge. The open structure makes it easy for the cat to pick it up and take it with him. On the inside, this ball is filled with shimmering wool and a rattle, which will challenge your cat to chase the ball, hit it and carry it around. Comes in various cheerful colors, no color choice possible online.

- Toy for the cat
- With a rubber exterior, soft for the teeth
- Inside filled with glittering wool
- With ratchet to stimulate the hunting instinct

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