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Jw Cataction Holee Roller Ball Cat Rod

Jw Cataction Holee Roller Ball Cat Rod

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JW Cataction Hollee Roller Ball Cat Rod
The JW Cataction Hollow Roller Ball Cat Rod is an interactive cat toy from JW, consisting of a rod with a toy ball to play with together. This cat rod provides lots of active fun! Playing with the cat with a cat fishing rod strengthens the mutual bond and stimulates the cat's hunting instinct, because the cat can chase the ball when you fling it through the air. This also ensures a lot of exercise and prevents boredom. Due to the open structure, the ball is perfect for filling with, for example, snacks, feathers or rustling material.

- Play fishing rod for the cat
- Provides lots of interactive fun and a stronger bond
- With ball to hit and attract and chase after
- Appeals to the cat's natural hunting instinct
- Ball to fill with snacks or feathers

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