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Imac Travel Basket Linus Pink 50X32X34.5 CM

Imac Travel Basket Linus Pink 50X32X34.5 CM

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Imac Travel Basket Linus Pink 50 x 32 x 34.5 cm
Imac Travel Basket Linus Pink 50 x 32 x 34.5 cm is a modern transport box for the dog or cat made of strong plastic, with plenty of ventilation and an iron grille door.
Transport your cat or small dog easily with this sturdy transport box Linus from Imac! The box has a modern, rounded design that distinguishes itself from all other travel baskets. The carrier is made of special plastic that is non-toxic and has round ventilation holes at the top. This ensures sufficient air circulation for the animal! The front of the travel basket consists of a sturdy lattice door that can be clicked into place at four points. The door can also be removed completely, which makes it easier to get the animal in and out of the carrier. The open structure allows the animal to look outside, which will reduce stress. Easy to move due to the sturdy handles that fit nicely into the shape of the carrier and the basket has four legs so that the box stays in place better. A very complete, sturdy travel basket for dogs, cats and rabbits.

- Modern, sturdy transport box made of non-toxic plastic
- With many ventilation holes on the top
- Equipped with a lattice door that can be removed in its entirety
- With sturdy handles
- Can be used for cats, dogs and rabbits

Outside dimensions: 50x32x34.5 cm
Inner dimensions: 43x30x31 cm

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