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Imac Litter Box Maddy Aqua Green 62X49.5X47.5 CM

Imac Litter Box Maddy Aqua Green 62X49.5X47.5 CM

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Imac Litter Box Maddy Aqua Green 62 x 49.5 x 47.5 cm
The Imac Litter Box Maddy Aqua Green is a handy, large cat toilet with hood, charcoal filter and scoop.
This litter box from Imac is ideal for humans and animals! Litter box Maddy is a large cat toilet consisting of a base and a hood. The high base has a special platform that serves as a step at the entrance, so that the cat can easily get in and out of the litter box. Large size so also ideal for larger cats!
The lid of this litter box consists of two parts. The first part is the flap through which the cat can get in and out, the second is an extension of this at the top of the box. As a boss, you can easily fold this back, making it easier for you to reach the contents of the bin and thus make cleaning faster and easier. The litter scoop is also included, and is located on the back of the litter box, nicely concealed and yet easily accessible. The litter box is also equipped with a carbon filter; this ensures that unpleasant odors are absorbed and you are less bothered by a smelling litter box.
Due to its large size and handy shape, this litter box is also suitable for larger and heavier cats.

- Handy litter box with hood from Imac
- With step for easy entry and exit
- With carbon filter and supplied shovel
- Also suitable for larger cats

Dimensions: 62x49.5x47.5 cm

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