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Feliway Optimum Refill 48 ML

Feliway Optimum Refill 48 ML

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Feliway Optimum Refill 48 ml
The 48m Feliway Optimum Refill releases a pheromone complex that reassures the cat and reduces stress, helping to reduce unwanted behaviour. Is your cat stressed a lot? Are you going to introduce a new four-legged friend to your family? Or does your cat show undesirable behavior such as scratching or spraying, does he hide a lot or has his appetite decreased due to stress? Then Feliway Optimum is the solution. Feliway Optimum contains a pheromone complex of cat pheromones that reassures the cat in its own language. Easy to use: simply place the vaporizer in the socket and make sure that the space around it is about 1.20 meters free. Then the vaporizer will cover an area up to 70 square meters. Cats then feel reassured, familiar in the home and more in harmony with other cats.

- Refill for the Feliway Optimum
- Feliway Optimum releases a pheromone complex that reassures cats when stressed
- To be used when introducing new cats/animals, stress situations, scratching, spraying and reduced appetite
- The pheromones in 'cat language' reassure the cat and give the animal a familiar feeling
- Simply plug in, refillable
- Covers up to 70 m2
- Replace after 30 days

Dimensions: 48ml
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