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Exil No Worm Pro Kitten 2 TBL

Exil No Worm Pro Kitten 2 TBL

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Exil Kitten No Worm Pro 2 Tablets
The number 1 wormer from the animal specialist! With No Worm Pro you fight the tape, coil, hook and fox tapeworms in your small cat and kitten. All cats can be dewormed with No Worm Pro. The combination of the active substances Milbemycin and Praziquantel guarantees safe control of worms. With these small tasty worm tablets, your small cat or kitten can be dewormed from 6 weeks old and 0.5 kg body weight.

Easy to administer
No Worm Pro has tasty mini tablets which makes administration very easy. The combination of a mini tablet and a meat flavored casing means that No Worm Pro is very well accepted in dogs and cats.

A pack of No Worm Pro small cat and kitten contains 2 tablets.

Method of administration
It is best to administer No Worm Pro with or after food. Due to the mini tablets, 40% of the cats take the tablet out of hand. If this does not work, you can put the tablet through the food or use Easypill. Easypill is a malleable substance that most dogs love. Hide the pill in a piece of Easypill and your cat will not notice that it contains a tablet. Research shows that 98% of cats eat a pill in their food.

Dosage No Worm Pro small cat and kitten
0.5 to 1kg ½ tablet
>1 to 2kg 1 tablets

A safe veterinary medicine
The Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport has registered No Worm as a veterinary medicinal product. Veterinary medicines are regularly monitored in the context of pharmacovigilance. No Worm has been shown to be safe, effective and meets all legal requirements.

Active ingredient:
Milbemycin oxime, Praziquantel.

Contents: 2 tablets

Read the instructions before use.
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