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Croci Euphoria Stick Catnip Star With Feathers 12 CM

Croci Euphoria Stick Catnip Star With Feathers 12 CM

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Croci Euphoria Stick Catnip Star 14 cm
The Croci Euphoria Stick Catnip Star 14 cm is a cat toy made of natural catnip and matatabi with feather, for a cat that feels comfortable and relaxed.
Meet Croci's Euphoria products! The name says it all; your cat will feel very comfortable with this toy. Catnip and matatabi (silverine) are both natural herbs, each with their own effect on the cat. Catnip has a great attraction to the cat, after which it makes the cat very relaxed or very active. The active ones will also feel very relaxed after the active, playful phase. Silverine, or matatabi, does not make cats excited or busy, but rather calms them down. By incorporating these two herbs into the toys, your cat will immediately love it! The advantage of the Euphoria products is also that they are made of natural materials: just like in nature, your cat can play with it to its heart's content and even chew on it, which improves oral hygiene. Moreover, this way you prevent your cat from reacting to harmful substances that are often incorporated in synthetic materials.
This fun toy consists of a stem of matatabi with a star of catnip on it. Your cat will enjoy playing with, chewing and cuddling with this toy. The spring provides extra movement and structure. The toy will capture your cat's attention through the natural aromas and hold it for a long time, making your cat feel comfortable and not bored!

- Cat toys made of natural material
- Made with catnip and matatabi
- Ensures that your cat is excited or relaxed (catnip) and calmed down (matatabi)
- Can contribute to better oral hygiene
- Without artificial and hazardous substances

Dimensions: 14 cm
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