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Catsan Smart Pack 2X4 LTR

Catsan Smart Pack 2X4 LTR

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Cats usually have something mysterious about them. But when it comes to hygiene, these animals leave nothing to be desired: only when everything is pleasantly clean do they really feel good in your home.

That is why there is CATSAN® Smart Pack™ that provides a pleasant and clean litter box that perfectly meets your cat's strict hygiene requirements. CATSAN® Smart Pack™ is the first ready-to-use litter box packaging. Thanks to its unique design, you can easily roll the Smart pack™ over the edges of the litter box. And because of the flexible elastic bands, the bag basically fits in every litter box.

The CATSAN® Smart Pack™ consists of a combination of CATSAN® Hygiene Plus® granules and a super absorbent core layer. This core layer absorbs the liquid, transforms it into a gel and retains it for perfect hygiene. CATSAN® Smart Pack™ therefore counteracts the development of odors even faster and ensures that the litter box remains not only cleaner, but also drier for a longer period of time. Just the way your cat wants it!

After 7-10 days (depending on personal use) you can remove the Smart Pack™ in a convenient and hygienic way. You just have to pull the edges together and tie it up like a bag and throw it in the trash. This way, the litter box always remains clean and dry, and it perfectly meets the strictest hygiene standards.

Contents: 2x 4 litres

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