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Breeder selection

Breeder selection

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Our specially designed BreederCelect cat litter is made from >99% recycled paper, with no additives or chemicals

Special properties of a good quality cat litter include:
- Natural containment of odors
- No additives or chemicals
- Extremely absorbent - superior quality
- Suitable for all cats
- Economical - lasts a long time
- Light in weight - easy to use
- Practically no dust formation - reduces rutting and leaves no stains on the floor

Loyal pet owners, breeders and vets believe that other cat litters "don't come close!"

Suggestions for using BreederCelect cat pellets
- Fill the litter box 2 to 4 cm.
- If your cat does not immediately accept the new granules, sprinkle some over the existing cat litter and expand it daily.
- For the best result, you should regularly remove the lumps in the container and mix the remaining granules. If necessary, top up with new granules and replace all granules once a week.
- The waste can be used for the garden.

Content: 10 litres
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