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Bonks 'Jumbo' 2pcs.

Bonks 'Jumbo' 2pcs.

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An extra large version of this popular cat toy for even more fun!
If your house tiger is crazy about the Cat Feather Bonks, then he can have fun with the JUMBO bonk! An extra large version of 20 centimeters long, for even more fun. This nylon cat toy can be flicked away for your cat to chase, or simply invent its own game. Cat animals love to parade through the room with their brightly colored 'prey', very proud that they have caught it. Nylon is a very strong fabric that does not easily succumb to the attacks of teeth and nails. So your pet can enjoy this fun cat toy for a long time!
A lot of fun for little money
The JUMBO Bonk looks simple, but a cat can enjoy it for hours. Whether you play with it together, or whether it goes its own way. This flexible nylon tube triggers the hunting instinct of every home tiger, no matter what age. Kittens love almost all cat toys anyway, but even the picky adult cat cannot resist the JUMBO Bonk. This toy is known to get even the laziest house tiger moving, and that for a very nice price!
Cats can enjoy themselves on the JUMBO Bonk
Things can get pretty fanatical when cats are playing with the JUMBO Bonk, but fortunately nylon is very resistant to the attacks of domestic tigers. Thanks to this sturdy material, this cat toy will last a long time. Our JUMBO Bonks have all kinds of nice prints that we have personally selected and they are sold per 2 pieces.

Inexpensive cat toy that provides hours of fun.
This is the JUMBO variant for even more fun.
Fun for alone and together.

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