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Bogadent Paste-Stop Chips Cat 50 GR

Bogadent Paste-Stop Chips Cat 50 GR

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Bogadent PLAQUE-STOP CHIPS for cats
Tasty semi-soft chewy chips with the innovative XF3-Effect Formula and nutritious salmon oil
  • New, innovative XF3-Effect Formula with a special algae mix, fruit extract CB90MX and polyphosphate
  • Active effect through the blood, salivary glands and oral flora
  • Prevents bacteria from adhering to the surface of the teeth
  • Removes plaque and prevents plaque from reoccurring
  • Innovative production process with poultry chips
  • Cleaning effect due to the rough structure of the chips, 100% natural
  • Combines optimal dental hygiene with chewing pleasure
  • Swiss formula

Bogadent Plaque-stop chips is a supplementary pet food for cats.

Complementary pet food for the cat.

  • 5-10 chips per day to support dental care
  • chews help to reduce plaque and tartar. However, daily brushing of the teeth with the bogadent Anti-Plaque Finger is essential

Composition : Chicken meat (Switzerland 87%), salmon oil 5%, potato starch, seaweed, fruit (fruit extract CB90MX), minerals.

Analysis : Crude protein 38%, crude fat 26%, crude fiber 1%, crude ash 5%.

Content : 50 gr (about 50 chips)
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