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Biokat's Fresh

Biokat's Fresh

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Biokat's Fresh 18 ltr
Biotkat's Fresh 18 liters is a clumping cat litter made of natural clay, with a very high absorption capacity and binding of odours.

Be honest, as much as you love your cat, sometimes it would be more pleasant if everyone didn't immediately ask when they came in:

"Oh, you must have a cat?!"

And that is certainly not due to the cat hair on the carpet. The cat toilet has betrayed the little rascal again ....... But this will come to an end. The Biokat's Fresh with pleasant smelling fragrances provides a fresh spring breeze in your home after the cat has been to the litter box!. You and your cat will like it.

Biokat's Fresh is sold in both 10 liter and 20 liter packaging and is composed of 100% natural clay.

Biokat's is a clumping cat litter made of natural clay, which binds on contact with liquids and unpleasant odours. The clumps and solid excrement should be removed daily. This way the unused filling stays fresh longer! Refill about as many Biokats as you took away.
Refill instead of refilling! Recommended thickness of the filling layer: approx. 7 cm, if necessary adjust the thickness of the layer to suit your cat's needs. Dispose of in household waste or via the organic waste container (comply with municipal regulations) – do not flush into the toilet! Biokat's promises you real quality: Only high-quality clay is used for Biokat's, which binds odors excellently and has a high absorption capacity. This ensures that Biokat's is much more hygienic than other cat litters.

- Clumping cat litter
- Made of natural clay
- Very high absorbency
- Binds odors and provides a fresh, hygienic litter box

Content: 18 litres
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