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Biokat's Diamond Care Multicat 8 LTR

Biokat's Diamond Care Multicat 8 LTR

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Biokat's Diamond Care Multicat 8 ltr
Biokat's Diamond Care Multicat 8 ltr is a clumping cat litter especially for several cats, with maximum odor binding and hygiene. In multi-cat households, highly effective cat litter is essential. Biokat's Diamond Care Multicat has the 2-in-1 FreshLock Formula, consisting of the AromaProtect Formula and natural activated carbon, which binds unpleasant odors to the maximum. This ensures a fresh-smelling litter box and a lot of hygiene, ideal when several cats use the litter box! In addition, the structure of the granulate, made of natural clay, ensures very firm lumps that are easy to remove. BioKat's Diamond Care Multikat is also dust-free and therefore also suitable for more sensitive cats.

- Cat litter particularly suitable for households with several cats
- From natural clay, forms very firm lumps
- Very effective odor binding by Freshlock Formula, with activated carbon
- Dust-free, also suitable for sensitive cats

Content: 8 litres
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