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Biokat's Classic 3In1 Extra 14 LTR

Biokat's Classic 3In1 Extra 14 LTR

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Biokat's Classic 3in1 Extra 14L
Biokat's Classic 3in1 Extra in 14L is a clumping cat litter made from natural clay with three grain sizes and activated carbon for optimum odor binding and absorption capacity. Your litter box will stay really fresh with Biokat's Classic 3in1 Extra 14L! This formula consists of three different grain sizes. The large grains have many large pores. Like a sponge, these pores absorb liquids and odors. A handful of large grains has the size of an entire football field! The medium-sized granules form extremely strong clumps. As soon as these granules come into contact with liquids, the medium-sized granules clump together, creating a very strong clump. The small granules increase the effectiveness. Because these granules spread through the grit, they support the optimal functioning of the medium and large granules. In addition, this cat litter is also provided with activated carbon. This cabbage is made from coconut shells, a sustainable raw material, and uses special physical properties to bind fragrances to the cabbage in an extremely effective way. For an easy to clean and long-lasting fresh litter box!

- Clumping cat litter made of natural clay
- Three grain sizes for optimal clumping and absorption
- Activated carbon binds odors and provides a fresh environment
- Less litter from the litter box

Content: 14 litres

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