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Beaphar Combotec Cat >1 KG 2 ST

Beaphar Combotec Cat >1 KG 2 ST

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Beaphar Combotect Cat >1 KG 2 pcs
The Beaphar Combotec Cat >10 kg per 2 pieces is a flea product for cats with an extra wide effect, against fleas, ticks and biting lice and the development of eggs.
With this handy flea remedy from Beaphar, your dog is particularly well protected! Combotec not only kills fleas, but also ticks and biting lice. It also protects the environment of the treated animal against the development of eggs, larvae and pupae through the combination of Fipronil and insect growth regulator (S)-Methoprene. This ensures that a flea infestation is under control more quickly, fleas are killed for four weeks and eggs, larvae and pupae are prevented from developing during that period. The product also kills biting lice and offers protection against ticks for two weeks. Suitable for cats weighing more than 1 kg and safe during pregnancy and lactation!

- Flea remedy for the cat
- Very broad effect
- Protects against fleas (4 weeks), ticks (2 weeks) and biting lice
- Also prevents the development of larvae, pupae and eggs
- Easy to administer by means of drops

Contents: 2 pieces
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