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Almo Nature Cat Mackerel 70 GR (24 pieces)

Almo Nature Cat Mackerel 70 GR (24 pieces)

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Almo Nature Cat Mackerel 24x70 gr
Almo Nature is part of the Natural segment because it consists exclusively of white meat, red meat, fish and possibly vegetables, in the parts that are suitable for human consumption but not intended for this for commercial reasons, preserved in their own cooking broth and sometimes with a small percentage of rice as the only addition. The use of all types of by-products is excluded, as well as additions of minerals, vitamins and/or additives: the product is already naturally rich in them.

Almo Nature Cat Mackerel is a complementary pet food for cats.

Composition: Mackerel 55%, fish stock 44%, rice 1%.

Analytical constituents: Crude protein 19%, crude fiber 1%, crude fat 1%, crude ash 3%, moisture 78%. 750 kcal/kg.

Feeding advice: We recommend feeding cats with 40% dry food and 60% wet food. While wet food provides sufficient moisture, dry food provides other important benefits. Do not mix wet and dry, however. Instead, feed them to your cat at different times of the day.

Contents: 24x70GR

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