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Almo Nature Cat Dry Fish/Rice 2 KG

Almo Nature Cat Dry Fish/Rice 2 KG

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Almo Nature Cat Dry Fish/Rice 2KG

Hollistic Croquettes is a complete food for adult cats. Hollistic Croquesttes contains a high percentage of fresh meat which not only makes the food for cats tastier and easier to digest, but also provides a significantly higher protein intake compared to other meat meals. To ensure your cat's well-being in a natural way, a number of important nutraceuticals (bio-active ingredients with health-promoting properties that are obtained naturally from other sources) have been added, such as: green tea extract, which helps free radiclaen to fight; grape seed extract, whose antioxidant power is even better than Vitamins C and E; alfalfa, a good source of numerous essential minerals; omega 3, to keep the coat soft and shiny. Naturally preserved with rosemary oil and Vitamin E.

Almo Nature Cat Dry Fish/Rice is a complete pet food for cats.

Composition: fresh oily fish, brown rice, white fish meal, salmon oil, alfalfa, vegetable pulp, unbroken linseed, grape seed extract, green tea extract, vitamins and minerals

Analytical Constituents: Moisture 8%, Crude Protein 32%, Crude Fat 19%, Crude Ash 8%, Crude Fiber 1.2%, Calcium 2.76%, Phosphorus 1.67%, Ca/P 1.7/1, Omega 3 1.51%, Omega 6 12%, Omega 3/6 1/7.9, magnesium 0.09%, taurine 0.25%.

Additives: Vitamin A 18000 lu/kg Vitamin D3 1500 lu/kg Vitamin E 125 lu/kg Vitamin C 48 mg/kg Vitamin B1 34 mg/kg Vitamin B2 28 mg/kg Vitamin B6 22 mg/kg Vitamin B12 0.18 mg /kg Biotin 0.52 mg/kg Folic acid 2.2 mg/kg Niacin 62 mg/kg Pantothenate 22 mg/kg Choline chloride 2850 mg/kg Inositol 48 mg/kg Potassium 0.77%Sodium 0.58%
Chloride 0.94% Zinc 183 mg/kg Copper 22 mg/kg Manganese 40 mg/kg Iron 280 mg/kg Iodine 2.03 mg/kg Selenium 0.28 mg/kg Arginine 1.71%

Feeding advice: We recommend feeding cats with 40% dry food and 60% wet food. While wet food provides sufficient moisture, dry food provides other important benefits.

Do not mix wet and dry, however. Instead, feed them to your cat at different times of the day.

Content: 2KG

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