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Almo Daily Menu Mousse With Lamb 85 GR (24 pieces)

Almo Daily Menu Mousse With Lamb 85 GR (24 pieces)

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Almo Daily Menu Mousse with Lamb 85 gr
Daily menu is the cat food line prepared with the best fresh ingredients, ideal for pet food recipes. Thanks to the varied premium ingredients (red and white meat, fish, eggs, vegetables and rice), we satisfy every cat's preference. The natural mousse is a supplementary food for adult cats and is free from preservatives and coloring agents. Every day it contains a selection of certified organic recipes: all ingredients come from organic agriculture.

Almo Daily Menu Mousse with Lamb is a complementary pet food for cats.

Composition: Meat and meat derivatives (lamb 4%), minerals, vegetal fiber extracts.

Analytical constituents: crude protein 9.5%, crude fiber 0.4%, crude fat 6%, crude ash 2%, moisture 81%, Energy 904 Kcal/kg

Additives: Additives-nutritional additives: vitamin A 1110 IU/kg, vitamin D3 140 IU/kg, vitamin E 10 mg/kg, taurine 490 mg/kg, cupric sulphatepenthahydrate 4.4 mg/kg (Cu 1.1 mg/kg ) technological additives: cassia gum 3000 mg/kg

Nutritional advice:
The cat belongs to the strict carnivores: the teeth of a predator and a gastrointestinal system are suitable for optimally assimilating and using proteins. In nature, the cat's diet consisted of various prey (mice, birds, fish), a source of mainly proteins and fats (in addition to fiber and other nutrients in the digestive tract of the prey). Almo Nature's advice for an optimal nutritional balance is to alternate between all types of meat and fish, dry and wet food (in a volume ratio of 60% and 40% respectively), all simple, complementary and complete foods. Wet food is an essential part of the cat's daily diet to promote hydration and reduce the risk of urinary disorders.

Cat weight (kg) Amount of food (gr)
4 110 wet and 35 dry
6 165 wet and 55 dry
8 220 wet and 70 dry
10 275 wet and 85 dry
12 330 wet and 105 dry

Content: 85GR

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