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Advance Cat Junior Sterilized Chicken 1.5 KG

Advance Cat Junior Sterilized Chicken 1.5 KG

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Advance Cat Junior Sterilized 1.5 kg
Advance Cat Junior Sterilzed 1.5 kg is a complete food for sterilized kittens up to 24 months old, for an ideal urine pH and muscle development. This Advance food helps to keep your kitten healthy after a castration or spay. Very effective are the minerals and ingredients that ensure an optimal pH of the urine, which helps prevent bladder problems. Because sterilized and neutered cats also often suffer from obesity, the food helps to control weight by adding fibers and L-carnitine and ensures good intestinal function. At the same time, muscle building is supported by the high protein content. Omega 3 and 6 ensure healthy skin and coat and correct, healthy development.

- Complete food for young sterilized and neutered cats up to 24 months old
- Ensures a good PH of the urine
- Supports muscle building
- Helps control weight

Composition : chicken (17%), maize protein, rice (14%), maize, dehydrated pork protein, dehydrated poultry protein, wheat protein, hydrolysed animal protein, animal fat stabilized with mixed tocopherols of natural origin, pea fibre, beet pulp, vegetable fiber, fish oil, salt, yeast, potassium chloride, tricalcium phosphate, plasma proteins, natural source of immunoglobulins (0.4%), inulin, soybean oil, yeast extract (natural source of nucleotides) (0.1%),

Analytical constituents: protein 39%, crude fat 13%, crude fiber 4.3%, crude ash 7.5%, Omega 3 0.4%, Omega 6 1.9%

Nutritional additives (/kg): Vitamin A 27000 IU, Vitamin D3 1800 IU, Vitamin E 500 mg, Vitamin C 140 mg, Taurine 1840 mg, L-Carnitine 500mg, Iron sulphate monohydrate 260 mg (Fe: 86 mg), Iron fumarate 150 mg ( Fe: 45 mg), Potassium iodide 1.9 mg (I: 1.4 mg), Copper sulfate pentahydrate 33 mg (Cu: 8.8 mg), Manganese sulfate monohydrate 123 mg (Mn: 40 mg), Zinc sulfate monohydrate 407 mg ( Zn: 148 mg), Sodium Selenite 0.2 mg (Se: 0.1 mg)

Zootechnical additives: Ammonium chloride 2 gr.

With antioxidants.

Content : 1.5 kg

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